Anne Reagan

Anne Reagan

Editor-In-Chief, With a background in furniture and antiques, Anne has spent the last several years writing about home improvement and interior design for sites like Apartment Therapy and Get Advice. Anne has degrees in Economics and Art and enjoys combining her passion for creative design with economic data and research. At Porch, she is responsible for creating original content aimed at educating homeowners about the various aspects of home ownership and improvement. Helping homeowners understand the best projects to spend money on, how to find the right pro for the job, and providing daily inspiration and advice is the most exciting part of her job. Originally from Seattle, Anne has spent time living in San Francisco, New York and most recently, Singapore. An avid traveler, she and her family are constantly in search of their next adventure. She loves to collect pieces that tell a story and in her off hours she can be found hunting for vintage furniture and textiles.
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DIY vs. Pro: Closet Remodel

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4 New Ways to Use WD-40

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A Well-Stocked Toolbox: The Tape Measure

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Building A Home

Defensible Space Planning can Help Reduce the Spread of Fire

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Insulation Projects: DIY or Hire a Professional?

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